simplest way to use javaScript to parse SVG path string to extract initial x,y coordinates

2024/2/27 8:20:29


  <path d="M 5,10 l0,0 l 15 ,0l0,15l-15,0l0,-15 z" ....

The first 2 digits after M are the x,y coordinates for the starting point of the SVG path.


returns the x cordinate (5) and


returns the correct y coordinate. The problem is the values may be single or double or triple digit numbers which will break the substr() way of doing it.


Browsers have a parser built in, use it or you'll just spend your life on wheel reinventing and bugfixing.

Note for Chrome, you'll need to use a polyfill

var path = document.getElementById("p");
var item1 = path.pathSegList[0];
alert("first co-ordinate is " + item1.x + ", " + item1.y);
<path id="p" d="M 5,10 l0,0 l 15 ,0l0,15l-15,0l0,-15 z"/>

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