Using ternary operators in a function with javascript

2024/2/27 9:11:09

I am new to Javascript and sort of working through the weeds on these ternary operators. I have this small code segment:

const x = MSys.inShip ? 'ship launch' : '';
if (x != '') {send_command(x);} 

While this works efficiently enough I am curious as to if it can be rewritten inside of the function call. Something like the following:

send_command(const x = MSys.inShip ? 'ship launch': MSys.alert("You aren't in your ship!);

This may not make sense with the current example but it's the best idea I had at the time. Basically, I like the shorthand of the ternary style for easy if/then conditionals but I don't like how it's tied to a variable which must then be called. I'm looking for a way to use that shorthand without having to tie to a variable.

Finally, the purpose of this is to see if you are in the ship and if you are, launch. If you aren't don't do anything at all or just send an alert message.


I am curious as to if it can be rewritten inside of the function call.

Yes, it can. But, if you do it there, then there is no need for a variable. You would be passing the function's argument directly inline.

Having said that, you can't pass that MSys.alert() statement as the "else" value because it will be executed in all cases. You'd have to pass a value there that the function can use as its input argument

send_command(MSys.inShip ? 'ship launch' : 'some other string');

Here's an example:

function foo(x){
// If a random number is even, pass "even". If not, pass "odd"
foo(Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) % 2 === 0 ? "even" : "odd");

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