How to get Value / Text of a List item Javascript

2024/2/27 9:12:23

how can i get the Value / Text of a <li> item ? I found on the internet much ways to get the value for a dropdown list. But not for a <li> item.

This is what I have tried so far:

var listt = document.getElementById('content1'); 
var selectedvalue = [listt.selectedIndex].text;

You can use the innerText property for most browsers, but the textContent property for Firefox:

<ul><li id="myLi">Hello, world</li>
</ul>var li = document.getElementById("myLi")
console.log(li.textContent || li.innerText);

Here is a fiddle to demonstrate.

If you are using jQuery (you say you are, but I see no evidence) it would be as simple as using the .text() function:


If your <li> contains HTML markup too, you may want that. In this case you need to use the innerHTML property:


Again, jQuery has it's own equivalent .html() which caters for all sorts of different browsers:


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