How to get data attribute in ie 7?

2024/2/27 7:52:05

I use "data" attribute and in IE7 and I don't know how to get value of it. Can jQuery possibly help me?

I have this


Of course it does not work.


for (i=0; i < max; i++) {if (typeof attachEvent == 'undefined'){         //open[i].addEventListener('click', function(e){ openSlide(e.currentTarget.getAttribute('data-pk')), false});open[i].onclick = function(e){ openSlide(e.currentTarget.getAttribute('data-pk')), false};} else {open[i].attachEvent('onclick', function(){openSlide(window.event.srcElement.getAttribute('data-pk'))}, false);};


<div>                             <img class='image' data-pk='18' src='/site_media/media/img/120x180.jpg'>                             <img class='image' data-pk='13' src='/site_media/media/img/007b-300x224.jpg'>                             <img class='image' data-pk='15' src='/site_media/media/img/IMG_0549_1.jpg'>                             

jQuery can help ... the data attribute works with the data() function in jQuery.


You can use it with any data attribute, for example, if you had:

<div id="DivId" data-something="foo" data-somethingElse="bar">

You can get the data out by:


To set data:

$('#DivId').data('something', 'foo');
$('#DivId').data('somethingElse', 'bar');

Here is a link to jQuery .data()


I think you want:

$('.image').click(function () {openSlide($(this).data('pk'), false);

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