Convert absolute position to relative

2024/2/27 9:09:53

Is it possible to change DIV position from absolute to relative (and from relative to absolute)? DIV should remain on same place.


Because formatting in comments is not work I will publish solution here

$(object).css({position: 'absolute',top: dy, left:dx});
// dy, dx - some coordinates
$(object).css({position: 'relative'});

Does not work: element position after changing to relative is different.

But when I stored offset and set it again after changing to relative, position is the same:

$(object).css({position: 'absolute',top: dy, left:dx});
var x = $(object).offset().left;
var y = $(object).offset().top;
$(object).css({position: 'relative'});
$(object).offset({ top: y, left: x });

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