Array includes method fails in Google Apps Script

2024/2/27 7:30:49

I was trying to use the "includes" method for an array in Google Apps Script but it fails with "Cannot find function includes in object 1,4,3,7. (line 4, file "test_array"). Here is the code:

    function test_array() {var array1 = [1,4,3,7];Logger.log(Array.isArray(array1)); // returns truevar proof = array1.includes("A"); // proof fails with "Cannot find function includes in object 1,4,3,7. // (line 4, file "test_array")Logger.log(proof);

In the logs I see that the Logger.log() returns true. I worked around this with:

function test_array() {var array1 = [1,4,3,7];Logger.log(Array.isArray(array1)); // returns truevar proof = array1.indexOf("A"); // Works fineLogger.log(proof);

But I still want to know why the includes method fails on a variable the compiler says is an array. Could it be that it is considering it to be an array of arrays, i.e. an object?



It was/is not supported in rhino runtime. With upgrade to v8, Array.includes is supported and should be preferred instead of Array.indexOf in all cases.

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