Why wont this Javascript method keep calling itself?

2024/2/27 7:29:57

I have a JavaScript object with a privileged method. When this method has completed, I would like it to call itself (after a small timeout) and continue running indefinitely. Unfortunately, the method only runs twice, then it stops without any error (tested in Chrome and IE with the same results).

The code is as follows:

function Test() {// ... private variables that testMethod needs to access ...this.testMethod = function() {alert("Hello, from the method.");setTimeout(this.testMethod, 2000);};
}var myTest = new Test();

I would expect to get the alert every two seconds, but instead it only shows the alert twice, then stops. You can see a live example here. Any idea why this would be happening?


Because this outside the function is not the same as this inside the function. Try instead:

function Test() {// ... private variables that testMethod needs to access ...var me = this;this.testMethod = function() {alert("Hello, from the method.");setTimeout(me.testMethod, 2000);};

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