Is it possible to use a for loop in select in html? and how?

2024/2/27 7:40:16

I am trying to use a for loop in html but i dont even know if this is possible. Is it? and if yes how? I dont want to use php. only html and javascript.

this is my goal: i have a file containing .txt files. i want to count the number of txt files and when i get the number i want to send it to where i will use a for loop to put the txt file's numbers in a dropbox.



Lots of answers.... here is another approach NOT using document.write OR innerHTML OR jQuery....


<select id="foo"></select>


(function() { // don't leakvar elm = document.getElementById('foo'), // get the selectdf = document.createDocumentFragment(); // create a document fragment to hold the options while we create themfor (var i = 1; i <= 42; i++) { // loop, i like 42.var option = document.createElement('option'); // create the option elementoption.value = i; // set the value propertyoption.appendChild(document.createTextNode("option #" + i)); // set the textContent in a safe way.df.appendChild(option); // append the option to the document fragment}elm.appendChild(df); // append the document fragment to the DOM. this is the better way rather than setting innerHTML a bunch of times (or even once with a long string)

And here is a Fiddle to demo it.

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