Passing HTML5 Local Storage Value to PHP error [duplicate]

2024/2/27 7:22:03

I am using html5 local storage and I am trying to read it and pass it to a php variable:

This is the code:

$myphpvar = "<script>document.write(localStorage.getItem('myjsvar'));</script>"; 

When I do this:

echo $myphpvar;

The value looks right (at leave visually)

Upto there all looks good BUT when I add this code:

$sql="INSERT INTO `pending` (`id`, `myfield`) VALUES ('', '$myphpvar')";

I then get this error:

Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ..

The error points here:

$myphpvar = "<script>document.write(localStorage.getItem('myjsvar'));</script>";

Any ideas why?


Updated :

This doesn't Work because :

$myphpvar = "<script>document.write(localStorage.getItem('myjsvar'));</script>"; 

Now your PHP $myphpvar variable contains :


when you echo then this is like :

echo "<script>document.write(localStorage.getItem('myjsvar'));</script>"

so this will show your Js variable,because it runs on your browser.

but when you do this in SQL : it look something like below :

$sql="INSERT INTO `pending` (`id`, `myfield`) VALUES ('', '<script>document.write(localStorage.getItem('myjsvar'));</script>')";

For Achieving this, you have to pass your localStorage value to URL,and get it on PHP or use AJAX to post!

window.location.href = window.location.href+"?local="+localStorage.getItem('myjsvar'));

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