Change sails.js EJS views to use .html extensions instead of .ejs extensions?

2024/2/27 9:01:15

Is it possible to configure sails.js apps to use .html extentions rather than .ejs (but still use the ejs view engine)?

sails new app creates ./views/home/index.ejs and ./views/layout.ejs.

I'd like to change the extensions to .html but keep everything else working the same way.

ie: I would now have ./views/home/index.html and ./views/layout.html, and the home page would still be injected into the layout page, as per normal.

How can I configure this please?


In your config/views.js:

engine: {ext: 'html',fn: require('ejs').renderFile

Seems though that the future support for this feature is not guaranteed, since they removed this from docs, so use with caution.

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