Why does a callback in setTimeout have this == Window even in strict mode?

2024/2/27 9:07:16

I am learning JS now and can not understand why 'use strict' directive does not work for a callback for setTimeout? As I know for use strict it should be undefined but always have global object.

function f() {'use strict'console.log(this === window)
}function g() {console.log(this === window)
}setTimeout(g,1000) // expect true, have true
setTimeout(f,1000) // expect false, have true


When setTimout() invokes a function in the browser, it sets the this to window. That is why it is not affected by strict mode - the this value is provided, instead of being left unset.

The specification for setTimeout can be found in the HTML standard

The timer initialization steps, given a WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope global, a string or Function handler, a number timeout, a list arguments, a boolean repeat, and optionally (and only if repeat is true) a number previousId, are:

1. Let thisArg be global if that is a WorkerGlobalScope object; otherwise let thisArg be the WindowProxy that corresponds to global.


9. Let task be a task that runs the following substeps:

  1. If id does not exist in global's map of active timers, then abort these steps.

  2. If handler is a Function, then invoke handler given arguments with the callback this value set to thisArg. If this throws an exception, catch it, and report the exception.


In essence, the result is similar to calling the function like so:

function f(){'use strict'console.log(this)


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