Split object into chunks

2024/2/27 8:48:45

I have an object:

var object = { '232510350': 672,
'232510352': 672,
'232510353': 672,
'232510356': 672,
'232510358': 672,
'232510359': 672,
'232510360': 672 }

And I want to split it into chunks of a given size like this:

var chunks = [
{'232510350': 672,
'232510352': 672,
'232510353': 672},
{'232510356': 672,
'232510358': 672,
'232510359': 672},
{'232510360': 672}]

I'm kinda stuck here since I can't use slice for this

Here's how I did it but it's ugly. I just wanted to see how to do it the right way

var temp = {};
var chunks = [];
var chunkSize = 3;
var amount = chunkSize;for (var i = 0; i < Object.keys(object).length; i++) {if (i == chunkSize) {chunks.push(temp);chunkSize += amount;temp = {};}temp[ Object.keys(object)[i] ] = object[ Object.keys(object)[i] ];if (i == Object.keys(object).length - 1) {chunks.push(temp);}

So, here it is:

var object = { '232510350': 672,
'232510352': 672,
'232510353': 672,
'232510356': 672,
'232510358': 672,
'232510359': 672,
'232510360': 672 }
var values = Object.values(object);
var final = [];
var counter = 0;
var portion = {};
for (var key in object) {
if (counter !== 0 && counter % 3 === 0) {
portion = {};
portion[key] = values[counter];


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