Countdown Timer that doesnt reset when you refresh the page?

2024/2/27 7:29:05

I Need to have a code for the timer that doesn't reset the countdown timer even you refresh the page.

I saw sample code at keith wood plug in, but don't know how to implement this in my html file. here's the link :

I hope somebody could help me! thanks! :)

I just need Hour, Minutes and Seconds to show. And after the Time given, there is a prompt box that will show "Time is up! " . This one is for the online exam we are developing. Thank you so Much! :)


If you know that the user will have local cache enabled and able to store data, you could save 2 values to localStorage, 1 for the currentTime and 1 for the targetTime. Then you compare the 2 in an interval and if currentTime > targetTime, display your message.

Also bind to the onbeforeunload event and save the new currentTime back into localStorage. This will give you the persisted countdown you are seeking.

Here is an example of how you can do this:

var interval;
let minutes = 1;
let currentTime = localStorage.getItem('currentTime');
let targetTime = localStorage.getItem('targetTime');
if (targetTime == null && currentTime == null) {currentTime = new Date();targetTime = new Date(currentTime.getTime() + (minutes * 60000));localStorage.setItem('currentTime', currentTime);localStorage.setItem('targetTime', targetTime);
else{currentTime = new Date(currentTime);targetTime = new Date(targetTime);
}if(!checkComplete()){interval = setInterval(checkComplete, 1000);
}function checkComplete() {if (currentTime > targetTime) {clearInterval(interval);alert("Time is up");} else {currentTime = new Date();document.write("\n <font color=\"white\"> Seconds Remaining:" + ((targetTime - currentTime) / 1000) + "</font>");}
}document.onbeforeunload = function(){localStorage.setItem('currentTime', currentTime);

Note that I would've made a snippet however stackoverflow and other online IDE's are complaining about security breaches. Note that this is perfectly valid and does not breach any security. Save it as a .js and run.

To start the "countdown" again, invoke localStorage.clear().

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