jquery escape square brackets to select element

2024/2/27 8:41:52

Consider a input element

<input id="meta[152][value]" type="text" />

Here the input field is dynamically generated. I need to select that field. So I used,


But this seems to be invalid. After searching I found, that the "square brackets" need to be escaped like #meta\\[152\\]\\[value\\]

So how to do that ? I currently use this code,

var id = "#meta[152][value]" // (I get this value by another method) I need the escaping to be done here. So that i can use as

/** I need the value of id to be escaped using regex,replace or any other methodto get #meta\[152\]\[value\] and not manually **/


Your suggestions will be helpful !


The following should work:



var id = "#meta\[152\]\[value\]";

Working Example

Conversion Function:

function ConvertValue(id)
{var test = id.replace(/[[]/g,'\\\\[');return "#" + test.replace(/]/g,'\\\\]'); 

Conversion Example


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