Highcharts pie charts can have url links

2024/2/27 7:19:39

I am using Highcharts pie charts in my application, where the data for pie chart is populating from database. My question is after populating pie chart, if i click certain area it should render to particular php page. Is it possible?

here is my code :

    function open_risk_level_pie(){$chart = new Highchart();$chart->chart->renderTo = "open_risk_level_pie";$chart->chart->plotBackgroundColor = null;$chart->chart->plotBorderWidth = null;$chart->chart->plotShadow = false;$chart->title->text = "Risk Level";$chart->tooltip->formatter = new HighchartJsExpr("function() {return '<b>'+ this.point.name +'</b>: '+ this.point.y; }");$chart->plotOptions->pie->allowPointSelect = 1;$chart->plotOptions->pie->cursor = "pointer";$chart->plotOptions->pie->dataLabels->enabled = false;$chart->plotOptions->pie->showInLegend = 1;$chart->plotOptions->pie->colors = array('red', 'orange', 'yellow', 'black');$chart->credits->enabled = false;// Open the database connection$db = db_open();// Get the risk levels
$stmt = $db->prepare("SELECT * from `risk_levels`");
$array = $stmt->fetchAll();
$high = $array[0][0];
$medium = $array[1][0];
$low = $array[2][0];// Query the database$stmt = $db->prepare("select a.calculated_risk, COUNT(*) AS num, CASE WHEN a.calculated_risk >= " . $high . " THEN 'High' WHEN a.calculated_risk < " . $high . " AND a.calculated_risk >= " . $medium . " THEN 'Medium' WHEN a.calculated_risk < " . $medium . " AND a.calculated_risk >= " . $low . " THEN 'Low' WHEN a.calculated_risk < " . $low . " AND a.calculated_risk >= 0 THEN 'Insignificant' END AS level from `risk_scoring` a JOIN `risks` b ON a.id = b.id WHERE b.status != \"Closed\" GROUP BY level ORDER BY a.calculated_risk DESC");$stmt->execute();// Store the list in the array$array = $stmt->fetchAll();// Close the database connectiondb_close($db);// If the array is emptyif (empty($array)){$data[] = array("No Data Available", 0);}// Otherwiseelse{// Create the data arrayforeach ($array as $row){$data[] = array($row['level'], (int)$row['num']);}$chart->series[] = array('type' => "pie",'name' => "Level",'data' => $data);}echo "<div id=\"open_risk_level_pie\"></div>\n";
echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\">";
echo $chart->render("open_risk_level_pie");
echo "</script>\n";



There is an exmaple on the highcharts website showing something similar. You can use the point/events/click function to trigger a new page load:

 plotOptions: {series: {cursor: 'pointer',point: {events: {click: function() {location.href = this.options.url;}}}}},


Note, in this example, the URL is added to the series data:

 data: [{y: 29.9,url: 'http://bing.com/search?q=foo'}, {

You could replace this with generating a URL based on the point y value.


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