why the code this point to window object?

2024/2/27 8:36:15

my code is:

var length = 20;
function fn(){console.log(this.length);
}var o = {length:10,e:function (fn){fn();arguments[0]();}

the output is 20,1,who can tell me why?


When the this keyword occurs inside a function, its value depends on how the function is called.

In your case, fn() is called without providing the a this value, so the default value is window. With arguments[0](), the context is the arguments object, whose length is 1.

The point is it does not matter where the function is called, but it matters how the function is called.

var length = 20;
function fn(){console.log(this.length);
}var o = {length:10,e:function (fn){fn(); // this will be the window.arguments[0](); // this will be arguments object.}

Further more, if you want this to be the object o, you could use call or apply, or bind an object first.

var length = 20;
function fn(){console.log(this.length);
}var o = {length:10,e:function (fn){var fn2 = fn.bind(this);fn.call(this); // this in fn will be the object o.fn.apply(this); // this in fn will be the object o.fn2(); // this also will be the object o.}

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