Using npm modules with ES6 and Future of npm/bundlers

2024/2/27 8:15:12

I use ES6 for a while and have no experience with npm or node.js.

I want to use some npm modules in my project using ES6.

I tried following and got an error

import {axios} from './axios.js';

The requested module './axios.min.js' does not provide an export named 'axios'

I am trying to use

I do not want to use <script src="..."></script> tag implementation. I want to to load it on demand with ES6 modules.

Is there any helper script to adapt npm modules to ES6 or any solution?

import {axios} from './axios.js';

would require Axios to have a named export like

export function axios(...params) { ... }

Axios does have a default export though, which you import without the curly braces:

import axios from './axios.js';

For imports to work in a browser, you need to declare the importing script with type="module":

<script type="module" src="./js/main.js"></script>


Checking that URL you gave it seems Axios does not provide an ECMAScript module at all. Importing the way I described will work as long as you're using something like webpack to bundle your scripts.

Edit 2:

I have just filed an issue on the Axios repository regarding the topic:

Edit 3 (April 2021):

Three years forward, even Node.js supports ES Modules, but Axios seems stuck on an old code base that looks unlikely to ever get updated, which causes problems when you want to use Axios along with Vue.js 3/Vite build stack, or Svelte.

A 20% the size but not all the features (e.g. interceptors are missing) rewrite in ES6 including proper exports is available with redaxios.

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