What is the point of using a named function expression? [duplicate]

2024/2/27 8:16:23

I'm going through this blog about the difference between function declarations and function expressions.

It gives these two examples. They call the first an "anonymous function expression" and the second a "named function expression."

// anonymous function expression
var a = function(){return 3;
}// named function expression
var b = function bar(){return 3;

I tested these two in Chrome's JS console and I see the following:

=> 3b()
=> 3bar()
=> bar is not defined

My question is: In the second function expression declaration, what is the point of "bar"? In general, why does one ever use a named function expression?


Some people prefer to do it like this because if errors occur, your functions have names. It's mostly a matter of preference and how often you have trouble with unnamed functions.

You don't normally see it used in a var declaration, but instead when declaring callbacks:

callbackFunction(function success() { ... }, function fail() { ... })

That way you know which argument is which, they're labelled, and if one of them fails you get a precise indication of which one broke.


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