Understanding let vs. var hoisting [duplicate]

2024/2/27 8:21:02

With let vs. var I've learned that the major difference is that let variables are scoped to the nearest block and are not hoisted. Also let variables can be reassigned but cannot be redeclared within the same scope. Why then does this code return a "not defined" error?

let x = 10;
if (true) {console.log(x);let x = 11;


Uncaught ReferenceError: x is not defined(…)


let x = 10;
if (true) {console.log(x);

logs 10 without an error?


The main difference between var and let is that:

var is hoisted to the wrapping function block.

let is hoisted to the wrapping {} block

The second code sample doesn't have the same reference conflict as the first because you're declaring x prior to referencing it in the following if block.

EDIT To address Pointy's comment below:

You're experiencing the ReferenceError because of the temporal dead zone

If you reference a variable defined by let within the same block before it is defined you will receive this error.

From MDN let Docs

In ECMAScript 2015, let will hoist the variable to the top of the block. However, referencing the variable in the block before the variable declaration results in a ReferenceError. The variable is in a "temporal dead zone" from the start of the block until the declaration is processed.

function do_something() {console.log(foo); // ReferenceErrorlet foo = 2;}


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